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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a bollard?

Aside from marine docking cleats and decorative lighting fixtures, bollards are any type of post installed for traffic control. They can be wood, reinforced concrete, decorative cast iron, retractable, or good old schedule 40 steel pipe. Bollards are specified in construction drawings and referred to as bumper posts, guard posts, steel pipe bollards, surface mount pipe bollards, dig and set pipe bollards, etc. Bollard covers are specified as bumper post sleeves, bollard covers, bollard sleeves, and so on.

What size Bollard Cover will fit my bumper guard post?

Measure the outside diameter of the steel pipe straight across the top, from edge to edge. Be sure to measure the biggest possible dimension. Standard bollard pipes are installed in the following sizes:

4” nominal, schedule 40, outside diameter = 4.500”. If you measure the circumference (around) the pipe it will be about 14”. You need a 4” cover. This will also work for 3” and 3.5” pipe although these are uncommon sizes for pipe bollards.

6” nominal, schedule 40, outside diameter = 6.625”. Circumference will be about 21”. You need a 7” cover.

8” nominal, schedule 40, outside diameter = 8.625”. Circumference will be about 27”. You need an 8” cover.

How do I attach Bollard Cover?

Our Bollard Cover comes with the patented GripperTabs™ installation accessories. Check out our complete Bollard Cover Installation Instructions

How is Bollard Cover manufactured?

Our Bollard Covers are molded from Polyethylene resin. 4” and 7” covers are blow molded from HDPE, and 8” covers are rotationally molded or “roto-cast” from MDPE. All BollardGard™ materials are formulated for maximum durability and quality. All BollardGard bollard covers are guaranteed against fading and cracking for 5 years. BollardGard is available in seven standard colors or can be produced in custom colors.

How do I install Bumperwrap?

Bumperwrap is easily and quickly installed with cable ties or a strapping kit available from us. Bumperwrap can also be installed on flat surfaces with industrial adhesives available from us

 Check out our Bumperwrap Installation Instructions.

How is Bumperwrap manufactured?

Bumperwrap is extruded in a continuous process from UV stabilized flexible PVC (Vinyl) for durable protection and long service life. Bumperwrap is extruded in standard black and yellow, and is available in custom color combinations.

How long will it take to get here?

Most Quick Switch TM orders are shipped via UPS Ground or FedEx Ground service. Please check the UPS Time In Transit or FedEx Time in Transit maps for approximate delivery times. Larger orders will be shipped by truck. Expedited service is also available. Please call to get a quote on these services.

Do you have a Bollard Guard Architectural and Contractor Spec Sheet?

Yes we do. Please click here to see the spec sheet.


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