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1-2-3-4 Installation Instructions
Step One Measure the circumference of the object that you wish to wrap.
Step Two Measure length of Bumperwrap to match the circumference of
the object, and cut to the determined length. A sharp utility knife or
heavy-duty scissors will work well for cutting Bumperwrap. For best
results, use a metal framing square or similar tool to ensure a square cut.
Check the length by wrapping the cut piece tight around the object,
leaving gap for the fasteners. When wrapping the same size object in
several applications, complete first installation to check for a good fit.
Step Three - Feed the fasteners through Bumperwrap. Four straps or cable
ties are recommended for most applications. On small poles, more
fasteners may be required. For installations of 48 or less, use heavy-duty
cable ties available from your distributor. For longer installations use
pallet banding (plastic strap and buckles are also available from your
(Silicone spray can be used to aid in sliding the attachment banding into Bumperwrap)
Step Four Apply the material at the optimum height for vehicle protection
and visibility. Multiple layers of 12 Bumperwrap can be applied to
achieve 24 or more of protection.


Click here for more information on bumper wrap.



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